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Illegitimate Has Struck Again

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 1:05 PM

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to travel to a customer location only to find out that another Locksmith - "legitimate or not" has already been to the location and either did a good job or messed things up horribly and the customer is either pleased with the good job or furious with me about work that was not performed by anyone representing C & S Locksmith Services.

I continuously advise customers to ask for some sort of identification - or at the least a Business Card so you have some sort of idea who you are dealing with when someone shows up at their door, but for some reason most do not!  There are quite a few unscrupulous individuals operaing throughout the area with the sole purpose of defrauding these consumers at their most vulnerable moments - but folks .... you have to be diligent, patient, and focused on the task at hand and please don't allow these people to continue to benefit and prosper off of your moment of duress.

I went out on a Service Call and apparently, this first customer called more than one person about their issue.  She stated that she couldn't understand the first as their English wasn't very good so she opted top call another (which just happened to be C & S Locksmith Services).  I schedule the appointment and arrived about 90 minutes later.  Upon my arrival she is screaming at me about her vehicle which I hadn't touched yet and she's asking "when are you going to put that back in"? I had no clue what she was talking about and told her so - I asked her was someone else there ... she responded "you know who was here becaus you sent them"!  Apparently, the guy that she couldn't understand on the phone showed up not long after I spoke with her and she allowed him to drill out her Ignition Lock Cylinder, she then paid him $300.00 and allowed him to leave to go and get a replacement part. I explained to her that we would not remove a cylinder without already having a replacement in hand.  I further explained to her that all of my Technicians speak English and that I would not dispatch a Technician to a location and then follow up and go to that same location myself.  I then asked her if she requested an "Identification or a Business Card" - she stated that she did not request either because the gentleman said he was from "C Locksmith" so she assumed this was C & S Locksmith Services. This is not the case.

Nevertheless, this customer now has a vehicle parked in her driveway with no "Ignition Lock Cylinder" as she does not have the money to have it fixed at the moment and she is out of $300.00.  She is also unable to reach whomever showed up at her residence and worked on her vehicle as they will not answer her calls (which is an Out-of State number by the way)!

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