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Interesting Encounter

Posted on July 4, 2019 at 1:10 AM

I had a pretty interesting encounter with a customer this morning:

The gentleman called me seeking assistance with a replacement vehicle key to which I was able to assist him with. Upon arrival at his location - the gentleman was screaming and ranting at the top of his lungs on the telephone and begging whomever was on the other end to refrain from calling him anymore. Apparently, before he called me - he called someone else - MINUTE KEY LOCKSMITH SERVICES are the folks he stated that he called and he said he found them during a routine internet search for a Vehicle Locksmith.

Now, I must emphasize - in all fairness to MINUTE KEY, I HAVE NOT had any interaction with these folks and I know absolutely nothing about the services they provide or if they are in fact even a legitimate Locksmith Company.

The customer showed me his phone and his call log and there were (12) twelve calls from eight different numbers and varying area codes and (7) seven voicemails that he played for me and they all have the background noise of operators fielding calls - in other words A CALL CENTER!  They hounded this gentleman relentlessly - even after he informed them that he wasn't interested in their services based on the quote they provided and that he had another Locksmith to take care of his needs.

I asked him how many Locksmith's he called before calling me and he stated just (1) one - MINUTE KEY. From that (1) one call he received (12) twelve calls from various number and area codes! I haven't come across a single legitimate company yet that has a number to call for assistance and then you receive follow-up calls from so many other numbers and area codes.

The point of this post is to simply inform you all again - DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE folks before just settling upon the first name that pops up during an internet search. MINUTE KEY could in fact be a legitimate company who's reputation has fallen victim to some unscrupulous folks who have copied their name - I don't know so I make no assertions to that matter.

CORRECTION: Before submitting this post I did an internet search myself for MINUTE KEY LOCKSMITH SERVICES and I've only been able to locate MINUTE KEY KIOSKS at various storefront locations.

Feel free to share your feedback ...

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