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Commercial, Automotive, and Residential Locksmith Services

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New Contact Phone Number

Posted on October 4, 2019 at 9:45 PM Comments comments ()

Things have finally gotten bad enough that I've been forced to change my Business Phone Number!  The previous number has been CLONED by at least one FAKE company who has been passing themselves off as C & S Locksmith Services or stating that they are contracted to do work on our behalf.  This is a Lie! We have not contracted anyone to represent our Business interests.  If anyone continues to receive phone calls from (412) 414-4476 and they state that they are representing C & S Locksmith Services - you determine how you will deal with that phone call.  Our new number is listed on a Google search and on the pages of our website:

Are they Legitimate?

Posted on September 1, 2019 at 3:55 PM Comments comments ()

Several Years ago I filed a Complaint against these people for unscrupulous and fraudulent business activities.  The Complaint was filed in Chicago - where they were listing their Business Address.  This Complaint was never settled because I was notified that the Attorney General COULD NOT locate this  Company in Chicago, IL.  Otherwise - they were not a Legitimate / Legal Entity.

They are now all over the Internet again - this time with a home address listed in New York, NY.  Are they Legal this time?

Search for Local Locksmith's folks and avoid the hassle that comes with these Out-of-State Companies - legit or not.

Confirm The Companies Identity

Posted on August 17, 2019 at 5:05 PM Comments comments ()

After several follow-up conversations with current and past customers I find it necessary for this Post.

C & S Locksmith Services LLC will always Call / Text you from (412) 414-4476 so if you receive a phone call from someone with any other number and especially an Out-of-State Area Code who claims that they are representing our interests or working on our behalf they are LIARS AND FRAUDS!  I'm utterly disgusted with people showing up at the customers place and performing work (some really good work and some really horrible work) and claiming that they either work for us or are performing sub-out work on our behalf.

Also, ask for a Business Card - our cards have a phone number and a fax number and both are local (412) area codes.

Neighbor Spoofing

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM Comments comments ()

I've become aware of something that I never knew existed until today and I must say - it angered me tremendously!

I've had several calls over the past week or so with folks asking me to stop calling them about Locksmith Services.  I've tried explaining to these people that I have not called them at all about anything - including Locksmith Services and they've all informed me that my number shows up on their Caller ID.

So I dig around and find out about a thing called "Neighbor Spoofing".  The illegitimate / fake companies have now found a way to copy the phone numbers and trick Caller ID's to make potential consumers believe they are someone else.  Unbelievable!

The term "Neighbor Spoofing" refers to telemarketers and scammers changing their phone number to resemble your phone number.

Illegitimate Has Struck Again

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 1:05 PM Comments comments ()

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to travel to a customer location only to find out that another Locksmith - "legitimate or not" has already been to the location and either did a good job or messed things up horribly and the customer is either pleased with the good job or furious with me about work that was not performed by anyone representing C & S Locksmith Services.

I continuously advise customers to ask for some sort of identification - or at the least a Business Card so you have some sort of idea who you are dealing with when someone shows up at their door, but for some reason most do not!  There are quite a few unscrupulous individuals operaing throughout the area with the sole purpose of defrauding these consumers at their most vulnerable moments - but folks .... you have to be diligent, patient, and focused on the task at hand and please don't allow these people to continue to benefit and prosper off of your moment of duress.

I went out on a Service Call and apparently, this first customer called more than one person about their issue.  She stated that she couldn't understand the first as their English wasn't very good so she opted top call another (which just happened to be C & S Locksmith Services).  I schedule the appointment and arrived about 90 minutes later.  Upon my arrival she is screaming at me about her vehicle which I hadn't touched yet and she's asking "when are you going to put that back in"? I had no clue what she was talking about and told her so - I asked her was someone else there ... she responded "you know who was here becaus you sent them"!  Apparently, the guy that she couldn't understand on the phone showed up not long after I spoke with her and she allowed him to drill out her Ignition Lock Cylinder, she then paid him $300.00 and allowed him to leave to go and get a replacement part. I explained to her that we would not remove a cylinder without already having a replacement in hand.  I further explained to her that all of my Technicians speak English and that I would not dispatch a Technician to a location and then follow up and go to that same location myself.  I then asked her if she requested an "Identification or a Business Card" - she stated that she did not request either because the gentleman said he was from "C Locksmith" so she assumed this was C & S Locksmith Services. This is not the case.

Nevertheless, this customer now has a vehicle parked in her driveway with no "Ignition Lock Cylinder" as she does not have the money to have it fixed at the moment and she is out of $300.00.  She is also unable to reach whomever showed up at her residence and worked on her vehicle as they will not answer her calls (which is an Out-of State number by the way)!

Interesting Encounter

Posted on July 4, 2019 at 1:10 AM Comments comments ()

I had a pretty interesting encounter with a customer this morning:

The gentleman called me seeking assistance with a replacement vehicle key to which I was able to assist him with. Upon arrival at his location - the gentleman was screaming and ranting at the top of his lungs on the telephone and begging whomever was on the other end to refrain from calling him anymore. Apparently, before he called me - he called someone else - MINUTE KEY LOCKSMITH SERVICES are the folks he stated that he called and he said he found them during a routine internet search for a Vehicle Locksmith.

Now, I must emphasize - in all fairness to MINUTE KEY, I HAVE NOT had any interaction with these folks and I know absolutely nothing about the services they provide or if they are in fact even a legitimate Locksmith Company.

The customer showed me his phone and his call log and there were (12) twelve calls from eight different numbers and varying area codes and (7) seven voicemails that he played for me and they all have the background noise of operators fielding calls - in other words A CALL CENTER!  They hounded this gentleman relentlessly - even after he informed them that he wasn't interested in their services based on the quote they provided and that he had another Locksmith to take care of his needs.

I asked him how many Locksmith's he called before calling me and he stated just (1) one - MINUTE KEY. From that (1) one call he received (12) twelve calls from various number and area codes! I haven't come across a single legitimate company yet that has a number to call for assistance and then you receive follow-up calls from so many other numbers and area codes.

The point of this post is to simply inform you all again - DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE folks before just settling upon the first name that pops up during an internet search. MINUTE KEY could in fact be a legitimate company who's reputation has fallen victim to some unscrupulous folks who have copied their name - I don't know so I make no assertions to that matter.

CORRECTION: Before submitting this post I did an internet search myself for MINUTE KEY LOCKSMITH SERVICES and I've only been able to locate MINUTE KEY KIOSKS at various storefront locations.

Feel free to share your feedback ...

Beware of Bait and Switch Tactics

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 9:45 PM Comments comments ()

Scammers, Fake Locksmiths, or Illegitimate Locksmiths (whichever you choose to call them) constantly us Bait and Switch tactics on consumers who find themselves in dire situations. They'll quote you a price and then increase that price ten fold once any service has been completed - most of the time requesting payment up front before doing anything!  I've had several reports of these people showing up to service a vehicle (for a replacement key), which is expensive enough to begin with - they'll tell the customer that the key doesn't work and that the ignition is damaged and needs to be drilled out.  They drill out the cylinder, charge the customer $400-$500 dollars and leave the customer to locate an ignition cylinder, then locate a Legitimate Locksmith to install the ignition cylinder and program keys (if necessary). Some ignition cylinders even come uncombinated and with no keys - so the customer ends up paying for these services as well.

What the customer(s) do not know is that there is no way to properly cut a vehicle key without key codes and these people aren't using any Scanning Diagnosic Tools (via OBD) or running a search of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before inserting a key in the ignition and telling them the ignition needs to be replaced.  Reports indicate that they are showing up and inserting (or attempting to insert) Random Keys into the ignition and then telling the customer the ignition needs replaced (as the key obviously will not turn the cylinder).

It's only when they call me that they find out they have been Scammed out of several hundred dollars.

Be Diligent In Your Search.

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 9:40 PM Comments comments ()

Fake and illegitimate Locksmith Companies continue to thrive and prey on unsuspecting consumers - be diligent in your research and please do not settle on the first company that pops up on a Google search.

Share Your Experiences

Posted on July 5, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments ()

Feel free to share your experiences with us.

Never Prepay For Services

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 7:15 PM Comments comments ()

Huge Red Flag!!! 

Never prepay for  Services.  With the exception of placing a deposit or downpayment for a specific order (i.e. hardware) - no Locksmith should ask you to prepay for their Locksmith Services.

"Refer A Friend" - (ReferOne)

Posted on February 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM Comments comments ()

Refer a Friend: Get a $10 credit when your friend makes their first purchase of at least $80. Promo must be mentioned to receive this credit.

5 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 9:00 PM Comments comments ()

There is an increase in the number of locksmith scams worldwide. According to recent reports, the number of locksmiths’ scams in the US has increased by 26% over the past three years.

Most of the locksmith scams are known to target auto and home owners when they are most vulnerable especially during emergency or when in need of immediate assistance.

Most people usually think they are doing right by searching for local locksmiths online. However, what they never realize is that the locksmith scammers are today gaming most of the online directories copying the legitimate local locksmiths. Such locksmith scams never own a local shop and in fact are run by out of state call centres. There are some who does not even posses any locksmith skill. In order to avoid hiring unskilled worker or a thief to help solve your lock problem, it is important that you always take your time and carry out an in depth research first. Here are five tips to help prevent you from falling into locksmith scams.

1. Go for a Truly Local Locksmith

One of the best methods you can use to determine whether a locksmith is legit is to conduct an advance research. Ensure you take your time to contact them and ask for relevant questions. You can also check previews customer reviews.

You need to be wary of companies answering calls with generic phrases such as “locksmith services” rather than using a specific name. Find another locksmith company if a locksmith is unable to provide a legal business name. Ensure you always search for the specific address a locksmith provides to verify whether there is any other business using the same address. Always ask the company to confirm their location.

2. Verify the Locksmith License and ID

Ensure you always ask for the identification of a locksmith immediately they arrive including their license. For example, in the US only 15 states will need locksmith licensing. This makes it a criminal offense to either advertise or work as a locksmith without having the right credentials. Any legitimate locksmith will always ask for your identification to confirm if you are truly unlocking your car or home. Always be cautious whenever a locksmith shows up in unbranded vehicle or one with a different business name from the one you hired.

3. Always Request for a Cost Estimate

Most of the call centre locksmiths will always quote a price of between $15 and $40. They are always known to switch and bait customers by using low prices in their adverts only to increase the price after they arrive claiming the job is much more complex and will cost you more. Advertisements of locksmith services at prices of $15 and $40 are usually signs of scams. The locksmith fee will pay for continued training, licensing costs, tools and transportation both to and from the job. There is no locksmith company that will survive with fees of $15 and $40. Ensure you get an estimate before any work begins. Never hire a locksmith who doesn’t want to provide an estimate.

4. Inquire If There Are Any Extra Charges

It is important you ask for additional charges for things like service call minimums, emergency hours or mileage before you give go ahead for the work to be performed. Most scammers will always claim the car or home lock is obsolete and has to be replaced. They will then charge you lots of dollars to replace the lock with what they will claim as being a high security lock though in real sense it is a cheap lock that will offer you little protection.

5. Be Curious in case of Fluctuating Bids

In case the price the locksmith is offering on site does not match the one provided on phone, never allow the work to be performed. There are locksmiths who might demand payment after performing shoddy work or increasing the bill and will thereafter threaten to file a lawsuit or call the police in case you do not comply.

Locksmith Scammers

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 3:35 PM Comments comments ()

Beware Consumers!!!  There are many "fake" Locksmith's operating throughout the area, don't fall for the old bait and switch routine.  Search for a Locksmith that carries the Better Business Bureau Accredited Seal.